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StudioHop is an all-in-one membership to the best boutique fitness studios in Texas and Oklahoma. Instead of managing multiple accounts and paying expensive drop-in fees, StudioHop allows members to add variety to their workout routines with a seamless and easy-to-use app that makes discovering and booking fitness classes simple.

StudioHop partners with boutique fitness studios and wellness businesses to help encourage new visitors to visit their studios (with a focus on repeat visitors), fill empty spots in their classrooms, and serve as a multi-channel marketing arm-all at no cost to you.

By partnering with StudioHop, you can expect increased visits to your studio, new visitors discovering you on the StudioHop app and website, supplementary income, additional marketing (via website, app, social media, and email), targeted exposure to an engaged fitness community, and access to our committed and dedicated member base.

Our goal is to introduce as many people to boutique fitness as we can and connect them with the studios that make them feel their strongest, most confident, best selves. We wholeheartedly believe that when people vary up their workout and go to classes that spark joy, they'll notice results and feel the strength they need to confidently conquer the rest of their day.

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